Fiol 5k, Race Day

Today’s the day of the highly anticipated Fiol 5k. Will we meet our time goals? Will Frederick defend his bragging rights title against Marquis. Since las year, participation doubled including newcomers like our housemate  Beatrice.

Race day started off calm and even paced. Coffee was made, bananas were eaten, and protein shakes were stirred. As the race approached, the housemates Beatrice, Frederik, and Marquis gathered together, laced up their shoes, and headed to the track on their bikes.

There, we met up with Bo, another Fiol 5K newcomer. 30mins before the race we began our warm up starting with a 1200m jog around Østerbro Stadium, followed by dynamic stretches. Warmed up and ready to compete Frederik and Marquis lined up with the 4:30 mile pacer, but, after a brief discussion, moved to the 4:15 group. Packed together like a herd of bison, everyone waited for the gun. Boom!!! A quiet stampede began as they took off bottled necked and vying for position. Marquis quickly took towards the front of the pack separating from the Fiol Squad.  

After a grueling yet exciting race, the squad finished. Marquis was the group winner and granted bragging rights for the year. He was followed by Frederik, Beatrice, and Bo. Post-race, the group embraced, headed home, and commenced their 3rd annual post-race brunch party. 

Another amazing day on the track in the books.